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Shaving Like They Used To!

Users of straight-razors, shaving mugs, etc,,,
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This is a community for those who shave with straight razors, good ol'fashion razor blades (as opposed to this new-fangled, unnecessary multi-blade nonsense), use shaving mug later and those interested in learning about those things and how to use them.

This is not a fetish community and not a cutter community!

Maybe you have a "thing" for shaving -- but this is not the place to talk about it! There are lots of shaving-fetish communities out there, but this is NOT one of them.

The community moderator is also not an advocate of "cutting". You may think it's "cool" or it may be a serious problem of yours. Hell, you may also beat off to it. Regardless, this is NOT a "cutter" community and should not be treated like one!

Straight razors were invented for shaving -- not for making your sorry fifteen-year-old ass look more "goth"!

Community Rules:

1. Keep all posts on topic! The topic is shaving with archaic shaving tools. EBay auctions of those items (as well as links to online stores that sell them) are permitted because people in this community will most likely be interested in using them for their intended purpose.

2. Once again, no posts about "cutting." It's a stupid thing to do and many people actually have a serious problem with it that they may want to conquer. Anybody who makes pro-self-mutilation posts will get BANNED on the spot, no questions asked.

3. Don't bicker with the other community members. If you don't like somebody in the community, don't talk to them. That shouldn't be a problem, but sometimes people can be really weird.

4. If you think somebody is posting things that are off-topic, take it up with the moderator (twentytens). Attempting to moderate the community is *not* a bannable offense, but it can get really annoying.

5. Don't promote your communities here -- that's what community_promo was designed for.
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