mantic (mantic) wrote in archaicshavers,

In the nature of an experiment

Cetaphil cleanser
Surrey Glycerin shave soap
Surrey Boar brush
Gillette Sensor Excel
generic witch hazel
Corn Huskers Lotion

I've been working on my YouTube "how to shave" video over the weekend, recording "B-rolls" and getting stock footage.  Part of the video discusses what products can be found most widely, in places like grocery stores and drugstores, for that "immediate gratification" (or low cost experiment) kind of shave.  So I tried the rig above for this morning's shave.  I did a four-pass shave (with grain, across grain, across the opposite direction, and against grain) and while it certainly wasn't sensory delight of what I've been doing for the past two years, the shave was more than acceptable (a couple small rough patches but clean and comfortable over-all).  I feel confident that if I can demonstrate this shave on the video, anyone who tries it will get results far superior to the usual Fusion-and-can-of-goo. 

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