mantic (mantic) wrote in archaicshavers,

A "Fruity" Shave?

Today was a "fruity" day :

Col. Conk lime shave soap
Savile Row SR23 brush
Merkur Progress/Israeli Personna
Thayer's "Peach" Witch Hazel
Trumper's Limes Skin Food

The Shave Gods smiled upon me this morning with a wonderfully close, comfortable shave.  I picked up a bottle of Thayer's Peach Witch Hazel yesterday, having run out of the Lavender some time back.  Unlike the Lavender version, there is some alcohol in the Peach (10%) but there was only a barely-perceptable sting.  There was definitely a peach note to the scent, but it was mixed with a pleasant citris note as well.  Not sure I'd give up Hydrolast Skin Conditioner for it, but it was a nice change of pace on a hot, muggy Texas morning.

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