mantic (mantic) wrote in archaicshavers,

The Proraso Boar Brush

I'm finishing up my video on shaving for YouTube and decided to add a comparison of lathering with a boar brush and a badger brush. I had already done a bit using a Surrey boar brush: a poor performer, taking a good solid two minutes to get something approaching an acceptable lather. I also did a shot using a Tweezerman badger, which created a perfectly decent lather in about 30 seconds. Yesterday I was in my local Target and, on an impulse, picked up the Proraso boar brush to play with as well. The bristles are at least 3/4 inch longer than the Surrey. And I must say, I was able to generate a pretty good lather in about the same time as the Tweezerman (I lathered up some Surrey glycerin shave soap directly to my face). The Proraso brush wasn't nearly as soft of course, but from a purely performance-wise perspective I was pleasantly suprised. 'Course, I'm going to have to do something about the funky smell (I need to mention that in the video, too, don't I?).
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